The diary details that we use are based on a set of Google calendars. In addition to viewing the calendars on this website, you can also add them to your own diary if you use Google calendar, Outlook, Mac ical or any other software or device that supports the ical protocol.

If you have a Google account, add the calendars to your own google calendar by adding each Calendar URL in turn, following the prompts on the left of the google calendar page. This is the simplest method if you have an android device.

If you have an iphone/ipad, open this page on your phone and click on the each URL to subscribe to the calendar. If you subscribe to the calendar, your device will be updated automatically when the calendar is updated. If you Download the calendar, you will need to download it again to receive updates. If your iphone/Ipad suggested you download rather than subscribe copy this page into an email and send it to your phone. Clicking on the links from within an email should give the subscribe option. (The iphone behaves differently depending on the version of IOS)

If you want to reflect the paper diary, you need to add them all.

Diary Name Ical Link - Click on this link, Copy and Paste to your application or email it to your phone

Main Diary (includes visiting societies, Mixed and misc events)

Ladies Diary (competitions and ladies social events)

Social Diary

Vets Diary (all vets events)

Juniors Diary

Club Match Diary (Club Matches)

Warden Course

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With the following restrictions in September: Preferred Lies on holes 2, 9, 14, 16, & 18
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