Before You Visit
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Getting on the Course:
The Club use starting boards, located close to the putting green and on the outside of the
trolley store in the Committee car park, to determine where players should start their
round, either the 1st or 10th tee. If in any doubt, please speak to the Pro Shop for assistance.

Filtering on the Course:
A group wishing to proceed from the 9th to the 10th or from the 18th to the 1st shall be
deemed to have priority to alternate with groups waiting to start their rounds, once ALL the
balls AND all the players in the continuing group have arrived on the 9th or 18th green.
Players should not filter into any group given courtesy of a tee reservation.

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Tees & Etiquette

Gentlemen have the option, depending on their ability, to play from either the white tees (6401 yards) or the yellow tees (6040 yards). Ladies play from the red tees (5558 yards). Winter tees are used when advised by the course manager.

Visitors are requested to conform to established golfing etiquette, be aware of other players, and call players through if necessary. We ask everyone to play at a pace that is neither slow nor rushed, to ensure that a good golfing experience is had by all and players maintain their position on the course. The Club encourage "Ready Golf" wherever possible.

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Dress Code

On the Course:

Recognised golfing attire – including golf shoes – must be worn on the golf course. Trainers are acceptable on the Warden course.

In the Clubhouse:

Clean smart casual dress must be worn in the clubhouse. In keeping with a more modern approach shirts may be worn outside trousers. For special occasions the dress code will be printed on tickets or on the noticeboards.


Mobile Telephones
Mobile Phones may be carried on the golf course but must only be used in an emergency. They may be used on the Club premises in "silent mode". Phone calls may only be made in the car park or locker rooms. Audible ring tones are not allowed under any circumstances.

The Club has the benefit of external CCTV, but regrets that it can accept no liability for the loss or theft of visitors' property on the course, in the car park, or in the clubhouse.